EDTC 300,  Learning Project

ASL all the way to 100

This weeks learning for my sign language project was spent on finally learning the rest of the numbers from 1-100. I already knew the numbers from 1-20 from my previous weeks, but learning the rest is apart of my goal. I want to be able to do math using sign language and this will bring me one step closer to that. As soon as you know the basic numbers, the others are fairly easy. For example if you know the sign for 4 and 2 you also know the sign for 42 by combining them. There are some outliers that are sometimes tricky to remember, like 25. I am just learning, so I am nowhere near memorized for all the numbers, but I am practicing everyday to get there.

Last weeks, using apps was not as fun as I hoped. If you want to see the struggles I faced check out my other post that focused on using apps to learn. Because of the struggles with apps, I did not learn a lot in that week. So, I have decided to switch back to YouTube this week to catch up on my learning. I have mentioned this channel before, but my favourite person to learn from has to be ASLMeredith. She makes learning the signs super easy and fun. I actually used a few videos of hers to learn the numbers. She has a playlist that goes through the numbers. She goes through small amounts in each video, then she actually has a review video from 1-100.

The thing I really like about YouTube is that you can slow down the videos to see the signs slower. You can also quickly rewind and find exactly where you left off. There are so many more videos and channels that I have found, but I find Meredith’s videos to be the most helpful.

Next week I want to try another source for learning. I am thinking Tik Tok, but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

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  • Jesse Ducharme

    I knew the numbers 1-100 a few years ago, but I forgot what they were. This video will be helpful for me to relearn the numbers, thanks for posting it!

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