EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Conversing in ASL

Trust me conversing in a new language is much harder than it looks. This week I wanted to test my knowledge and what I have learned. I looked at conversation videos between two people in ASL on YouTube. From there I would see how much I could make out in the conversation. Some of the videos I used had subtitles, but were still helpful in the review process.

This video was one of the first ones I used to review. They go over basic conversation signs and it helped me with the review. I learned these signs near the beginning of my semester so it was really nice to review them.

In addition to review I am working more on the basic conversation aspect of my goal. I want to be able to communicate, and as of right now I am having a lot of trouble with remembering the signs.

Review is easy to do through YouTube and through my notes, but what I am having trouble with is getting that practice in. How can I practice ASL if nobody arounds me uses it? Well, I have reached out to a fellow classmate in hopes of setting up zoom calls so we can practice. Hopefully we can both benefit from it.


  • Brooke Striha

    Hey Kara, it looks like it was a great idea to look up a conversation on YouTube. I feel like this way you can really get a feel for a real conversation in sign. It’s totally understandable that you would want to practice with someone who can sign as well and getting another student to work with could be great for both of you! I hope you can find someone to practice with and find more success in the coming final weeks!

  • Nelly

    Hi Kara,

    I totally get where you are coming when you say “how can you practice when no one else around you uses it”. My family’s first language is Spanish and since I moved out back in 2017, I have definitely noticed my Spanish going downhill since it is not something I use everyday since moving out. I know Saskatchewan has a deaf and hard of hearing association, I wonder if they might have some resources to help you practice ASL.

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