EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Getting to the End

As I prepare for my final presentation of my learning of sign language I am focusing on tuning the signs I know and fully memorizing them. I have taken up learning a few other signs of random words that I find myself using every day. Words like car, drive, groceries, class, and some names of classes. As well I tried to find some terms related to Covid-19 and the pandemic, such as self-isolating or getting tested. These are all terms that would be useful, especially given the situation we are in. If there is any other terms that are related to everyday or the pandemic that you think I should learn, leave a comment to help me out!

Covid-19 Pandemic signs.

For me, I found that learning through YouTube to be the most beneficial. Tik Tok was also pretty beneficial, but if you miss something you have to play the video over again completely. Which I mean in a sense made you review it a lot. These were the 2 sources in which I used for the past weeks.

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  • Paige Sterzer

    Hi Kara!

    It is great to see you using your new skill to be relative to the time we are living now. I am excited to see how the final project turns out!

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