EDTC 300

Collaboration is Key

At the beginning of the semester, we were asked to keep track of your contributions to other’s learning. I was not sure why were asked to do this, but throughout my time in EDTC 300, I came to understand the importance of collaboration and supporting your peers and coworkers.

I wanted to share some of my contributions to the learning of my classmates.

  • To start off, I want to talk about my twitter. I have been fairly active of twitter, sharing many articles that I found helpful, from teaching resources to study hacks for my fellow university students. I even found some resources for a fellow classmate’s learning project that I thought might be helpful. I also like, retweet and comment on other tweets to either save content other’s have found, and show my support for them.
  • I also participated in the #saskedchat, where I contributed my ideas and thoughts about the questions asked. I chatted with other teachers and was hopefully able to contribute ideas not only to my classmates but to educators as well.
  • Next I would like to share my contribution to our slack community. Although our slack community was not super active, I was able to help out classmates when the need arose. 3 instances include helping with using tools from class like CC Search or Feedly, as well as trying my best to answer general questions.
  • I have also commented on several of my classmates blogs, showing support, sharing advice, and offering collaboration. I had a lot of fun reading my classmates blog posts and seeing their progress throughout the learning projects and EDTC 300. Here are some examples of the comments I have left. One thing I wish I did was take screenshots of my comments because there were ones I remember making at the beginning of the semester that I have to dig through to find them back.
  • The last show of my contribution would be my behind the scenes contributions. I know a few of my classmates from outside of class. We tend to go to each other for help when we need it. I have helped by sharing videos of how to work WordPress, reminded classmates of blog posts and learning project posts, as well as sharing resources for learning.

I really hope all my contributions helped out my classmates and made them feel supported in all of their work. I also want to thank all of my classmates for jumping at the chance to support me and give me advice. It helps us all grow and learn together which is so important in education.

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