EDTC 300

Keyboard Wizard

My hour of code experience was super fun. I have previously had a just a little bit of experience with Java script coding on my own time as well as block coding in high school. I wanted to try another sort of typing coding because I found the block coding less challenging. So, I searched through and found a tutorial that involved a dog, and of course I clicked on it. I really like how it has teacher notes, which makes this perfect for incorporating into lesson plans.

This one had the option to do block coding or using java script. I chose to use java script. I think it so much fun to code like this. I could move Karel and make him drop or grab tennis balls. The only thing that I did not like was that he could only turn left, so turning right meant I had to code 3 lines! In the beginning, It was relatively easy and I went through it quickly, having a little experience beforehand. I really had a lot of fun relearned some java commands.

One thing I really liked was it shows where you made a mistake if make one. It also shows you why it was wrong and how to correct it. This is really helpful in learning the coding language as well as how to start problem solving when something does go wrong (as seen below).

Problem solving when there is an error.

At the very end, the last task was to create your own design. I took this as a challenge to make something much more complicated then the previous tasks. I decided to create a paw print outline. I thought how long could it really take me. Trust me it took a while. I changed my mind a few times in between, and tried to make slight adjustments. I then had to go through and problem solve to make sure the rest of my code still worked correctly.

Finally, after over 350 lines of code, I finished my pawprint! Take a look at the code running in the video below.

I had so much fun going through this coding. I think it teaches and makes you practice many important skills, like problem solving, comprehension, creativity, and mathematics. I think students will enjoy programs like this especially because there are programs geared towards having fun while coding. For examples, some of them are like games and you code to finish the game. It makes the learning fun for the students.

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