EDTC 400

Online Identities

This week I took a look at my online presence. I wanted to know what my digital identity looks like from the outside. I actually have a pretty good idea of this from EDTC 300, when I worked with someone from my class and we sleuthed on each other. It gave me a good idea what others see about me online. For one, most of my social media is private and just for me and my friends and family. I like to try to keep my personal and professional life somewhat separated for privacy reasons. If I am posting photos of my life, my students do not necessarily need to see it.

Looking at what most people can see about me on social media, they will find an education student who is working hard to gain her degree. My blog, YouTube, and Twitter are directly related to my learning and education as I grow into a teacher. All these places on the internet are for my education, teaching, and where more professional topics are discussed. Of course it does have some information about my life, but I think it is important for people to understand a little about who I am if they are going to be looking at my content.

My Instagram and Facebook are both private. When it comes to Instagram, I only post every once and a while. My posts are usually just things I want to document about my life. I only got Facebook to use for group projects and I enjoy using it to connect with family and friends. My Instagram can only be accessed if you send me a request (I only accept people I know), but you could see my Facebook a little bit easier. If you are friends with one of my friends then you can see my profile. I have not really posted on there anyways, so you would only see my profile photo and cover photo. I do believe that if I wouldn’t want someone to see it, then why post it, so everything I post on social media is appropriate by my own standards.

I like having a more private space that is separated from my professional life is nice. It can serve as a break from the professional life and allow me to connect with my friends. There are a few things I can do to improve. I want to just build my professional online network by making a few more accounts on new or other social media sites. Those accounts can be used to show my professional progress as a teacher, and document my resources and ideas. I think there is always room to expand my digital identity.

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