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Let’s Talk – Sask Edchat

My second Sask edchat was a bit different from the first one I did. The first one was focused on topics that where directly related to teaching and learning. This one, on the other hand, was about mental health. The topic was connected to school and how we can help with mental health in schools. There were a lot of great ideas and interesting people contributing to our chat.

It was a great time to talk about mental health. One, it is the middle of winter at a time where we are not seeing many people because of Covid. We are also adjusting to a new semester and that can be overwhelming for many people. I have been having a hard time juggling work, school, and assignments. On top of that, I also have my regular housework and I want some free time for myself. As I have been adjusting to the schedule of the new semester, I have found myself to be very burnt out. I work as a tutor afterschool until 8 pm. I come home just to stay up late and work on assignments of have class until 10. It makes me very tired and the next morning I have more class and have to work on assignments. This happens to everyone, and I haven’t felt like I was taking care of my mental health. This edchat helped me figure out things that might get me back on track and feel motivated to do my work.

For one, I realized that I haven’t had time to exercise as much as I usually do. I also realized that I should plan out my week and talk to people to help me out. This edchat came at a perfect time for me. I began to create my schedule and plan out times for things that make me relax and make me happy. I implemented this a bit this week (as I am finishing this post about a week after the edchat), and so far, I have been feeling happier and more motivated for my work. Hopefully I will continue this plan and continue to feel as motivated.

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