woman in brown long sleeve shirt sitting beside woman in green long sleeve shirt
Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com

I am currently doing my pre-internship field placement in a 1/2 split class! I just finished my third day this week and so far I have seen my coop teacher and also the student’s physical education teacher use yoga videos in the classroom!

welcome classroom

My coop teacher used a Halloween-themed yoga video which isn’t even something that I would have thought could be a thing! She used the yoga video at the end of the day sort of after the last lesson but before they wrote their agenda messages. This is the video she used:

The physical education teacher used GoNoodle to show a quick yoga video at the end of the class to get the students back ready for learning. Here is the video that the teacher had used. When I was trying to find the video on GoNoodle, I realized that there are plenty more yoga-type videos on there under the “stretch” category!