ECS 210 – Curriculum as Place

In this reading and lecture I found myself very much engaged in this topic, as the idea of place and how it affects the way our education is handled or interpreted is very interesting. Depending on where you live in the world, or what culture or religion you are apart of, education may look very different for you.

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada, our place is Treaty 4 land as much as it is a Canadian province. This in itself directly has an impact on how our students learn and what they learn, as well as what kinds of colonial issues we deal with as a province. Our education here in Saskatchewan is very importantly impacted by the Indigenous people of our lands in order to pay respect to them, as well as pass on their many ways of learning that we are lucky to obtain. This education that we offer to our children here in Saskatchewan would then be very different then a child growing up in another part of the world without a large abundance of Native American peoples, even though the same concepts would be present in their educational material.

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