ECS 210 – Unpacking Our Own Biases

From the moment we begin growing up, the way we are raised and brought up into this world effects our schooling, as well as how we see the world, in so many ways. The way we are taught about the world is that builds our biases. The way we see the world is effected by the society we are raised in, our parents religious beliefs, our peers, our race, as well as the school community we grow up within. This can also be known as our personal worldview, which is something that is created throughout our entire lives.

As an future teacher myself, I am always being brought back to my own worldview, and my own biases, and how these biases will directly effect how I teach someday. This is something that I cannot control in a lot of ways, because of the fact that these are so engrained into my life that I cannot see them almost at all. Throughout my entire life I can definitely say that I have grown up in a more privileged light within society, because of the grim details that I am a Caucasian person coming from a well off family, living in very nice neighbourhoods and growing up in the most “safe” and “preppy” school communities. I am not afraid to admit this because of the fact that it completely effects how my teaching will be formed one day, as well as my day to day interactions throughout life, no matter if we want it to or not.

My goal throughout my entire teaching career is to be able to break through the barriers that these set biases have made for me, and learn to teach without or through avoiding these biases, since this is the only way I will come closer with my future students and truly become the teacher I have always hoped to become. I hope for my future classroom to be free of bias and let everyone, no matter where they come from or who they are, feel included and important, as that is the only way we will ever change the future for our children.

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