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Hello world!

Hello! I’m Fer, from Mexico :). To talk about my experience with educational technology would be for me to tell you about my little obsessions since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to learn something new. I had many hobbies and it’s all thanks to YouTube. I spent a lot of time watching videos looking for my next little obsession.

I started months ago just by following a video on how to crochet.


I love art so I made this cake for my birthday and recreated the painting using buttercream

I would do a lot of DIYs, I learned how to bake and decorate cakes which I took to the next level and improved my skills over time and started a business and Instagram page,  I learned how to crochet (which I also found to be a great skill for that and guess what? I also created a business selling Amigurumis).






I was on the local swimming team, so even though I didn’t learn as a beginner just from videos, it helped later to improve my swimming techniques by watching a lot of underwater videos of professional swimmers to analyze their techniques. The internet also helped me learn English, which happens to be my professional career, so, thanks to YouTube.
I think myself to be autodidactic, I never liked the idea of spending a lot of money to learn something I could easily learn for free on YouTube, and I think I’m also an entrepreneur because I dedicated so much time to getting better at the point where everyone would buy the stuff I made :).
I think it is because I’m a Gen Z but technology was a fundamental aspect in my growth. I know it could be harmful for some to be addicted to their devices but for me, it was the key to a vast amount of knowledge.

I took this fascination of learning through technology to my profession. I am studying to become an English Teacher for ESL students, and even though I have little experience in the working field, I’ve used many technological tools for my students, (kahoot, TikTok videos, game apps, etc.). And they liked it so much, they even confessed to me they liked me better because they would have fun in every class because they were super bored of just doing exercises from the book with the previous teacher. I’m planning to write my dissertation paper about how you can develop English skills through social apps such as TikTok for ESL students. Even though I do enjoy learning on the internet, it has never occurred to me to write a blog, so it will be my first time. I think it will be great for me because sometimes I talk too much or write such long texts to my friends about anything, so I’m not afraid to express myself through long paragraphs, hope you like it too 🙂


  • Miranda Ratt

    I think that its really neat that you have taught yourself some pretty neat skills that will really help you when you become a teacher. It takes creativity and you definitely have that trait! I also taught myself how to make cakes, not as good as you though! Enjoyed the read 🙂

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