EDTC300,  Learning Project

This time I’ll finally sit and learn how to play piano

As I told you before, sometimes I fixate on things I want to learn, so one time I asked as a birthday present to have an electronic piano keyboard, I promised my parents I would learn by myself, but then I started University and left it aside to learn Italian and German. My mom was angry at me because I didn’t use it, so once in a while, just on school breaks I would watch YouTube videos to start learning, but I could only start to learn how to read the notes and how to play some basic songs, but because I didn’t have enough time, I’m at a beginners level and can´t even play well, and it takes ages for me to read the notes of a song, which I now forgot how to read them. So that is where we were at :(.
The plan for me to learn how to read the notes and play somewhere good is to have one day of the week free to play between 2 and 3 hours.
I will continue following this channel which I found to be simple to explain the basics, but I know it will take a lot of practice.

I looked on Google and found this page where you can find the sheet music of popular songs. I can practice them once I remember and learn how to properly read the notes.

It’s a skill that takes time and I want to learn because my piano was left with dust back at home. I’m staying in dorms and I saw they have 2 pianos so I would practice there hoping when this semester ends I can use the one in my house 🙂


  • Byron Duran Vinet

    Interesting to know that we have a common goal, it would be nice if we could perhaps at some point learn together, I wish you luck in this journey, who knows, maybe tomorrow we will become piano virtuosos.

  • Julie

    I connect with you on wanting to learn this skill and beginning, only to have other things come up! I didn’t pick piano for my project but I have always thought how I would love to learn. It’s the beginning levels that I have gotten side tracked at and then don’t get past that point. It takes time and practice to move on from there. I wish you well on your progress!

  • Zachary Hirshmiller

    I can totally relate to the feeling of being so excited to learn a new skill and then get totally side tracked and start focusing on something completely different. This is a similar issue I’ve had before when trying to learn languages.

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