EDTC300,  Learning Project

How to read notes

To start from the beginning, I need to know how to properly read the notes in a music sheet. This week I’m focusing only on that, I don´t want to rush because it’s a lot to digest. I found YouTube to be my best ally and found this video and channel to be helpful. I´m trying to memorize the positions on the music sheet, the different notes, how long to they are, the divisions on the music sheet, and with which hand you should play each part.


This video made me feel better about cheating on my previous piano learning history. I just memorized the songs, watched people playing them, and tried to play them, but I think for me it would be better to start on the right foot and learn how to read the notes. Some prodigies can play a song just by ear, but I´m clearly not one of them, so yeah, I will have to learn how to read the notes.

I will be exploring more of these channel’s videos as I found them to be well explanatoiring and visual, and the best part, is the videos aren´t too long. This means the information is concise and it won’t be overwhelming for me.


  • Joshua Wagner

    Pianote is a great tool to begin this journey. One of my friends works for the sibling branch Drumeo, and he produces great content for all levels.
    Let me know if you need any help!

  • Alyssa Hildebrandt

    Hey Maria,
    I am not going to lie I have no idea how to read notes. I could say that there is no way I could learn how to play piano. I think you are on great pace to learn your new improved skill, I think a lot of people rush into it and miss lots of steps in learning a new skill. Good for you!!

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