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Me and my tech habits

Photo by stayhereforu on Pexels

Most of my apps are used for social interaction. I really like Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok. As it is my first time living in a different country to avoid being Homesick, I stay in touch with my family and friends through WhatsApp. It is amazing how technology brought people together.

Instagram is the one in which I share my special moments and, as a fan of taking pictures, I’m really active there.
Even tho I like to stay organized, I haven’t downloaded a specific one to organize. I’m more traditional in that sense and I just write the weekly assignments I need to do in my notebook. But the UofR Courses help me organize my assignments on the dashboard and have everything more visual, being a great tool for me.

Most of these apps I use it as a distraction, which often people see as a bad thing but I would disagree. Somedays you are so full of things that can stress you out and you just want to relax. TikTok is such a distracting app. I could spend a lot of time without even noticing but the good thing about this app is the AI used to show you videos that might interest you, if you think it of this way, it can be used in your favor.

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels

It sounds dumb but I have learned so many things through TikTok. My mom says I spend a lot of time there, but because it is so fast, I can learn a lot of meaningful or insignificant data, I didn’t know before. For example, in this video about scallops, I didn´t know they had eyes, it is something I know won’t be useful but I learned so much about something and I like that about Tiktok. That’s all because the algorithm sees the things I like and shows me more of really meaningful creators. It has even helped me to learn more about the exercises and routines to develop certain muscles I didn’t know their names before, without having to spend a lot of money on a trainer to teach me that.

I think I´m a balanced user of social media. That’s all thanks to my constant need to learn something new, some of which I use to share with my friends, to connect with them, to learn something new or just to laugh at some funny videos on a sad day. These apps can be entertaining and useful with the right strategies.

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