EDTC300,  Learning Project

Was I doing it wrong?

While analyzing my previous video I could tell that I’m not even doing a proper hand posture. I think it’s something really important to fix as a beginner because those bad habits could be difficult to fix later at a more advanced level.

I could feel in some songs my hand is not big enough but I could find videos and articles talking about how to improve your hand posture.

One of the videos I found the most helpful was this one

This channel has a lot of useful tips for beginners and with practice, I was somehow able to fix that mistake but sometimes I forgot and I started playing with the wrong posture. I think it’s a matter of practice.

While looking for different sources to get more information about the topic I came across this webpage called Mussila. This article in particular is focused on parents with kids who are learning to play piano. But anyway it was helpful for me too!

They include illustrations to make it more helpful for parents or teachers to explain it to the kids.

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  • Hailey Jorgensen

    It was awesome that you were able to realize something was wrong with how you were setting up to play; I bet even if you continue to have bad hand posture, you are now able to recognize it and correct it for the rest of the song! Try and record your hands for your next post that show you with proper hand posture!

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