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The internet

The internet certainly brought thousands of changes to society in general. But those changes were also reflected in the classroom. I cannot imagine teachers at that time suddenly being filled with new references to what was happening with the internet. It’s something that has never stopped evolving. 

As the video “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” shows us, the group ages who are most active on the internet are the 18 to 24 group, followed by the 12 to 17. This means most of our students are the generational group who are more active on the internet, which means they will have a different perception of reality than adults, for example. 

Nowadays the generations are being born of a technological nature. While trying to use YouTube, for example, you don´t have much explaining to do with a 10-year-old kid but it will be different if you try to teach your grandpa. 

Our future classrooms will be filled with future references and realities we might not know if we don’t update on the latest trend app, TikTok. Schools in general have had to change their policies and rules to adapt to the new technological era. Some, by banning the use of smartphones during class. Something that our parents would even imagine would be a problem back in their days. 

Of course, technology has helped our society by having tools just a search away, and it will continue to evolve as well as the teaching methods and approaches. 

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