EDTC300,  Learning Project

Are we into Pop now?

For this week I was thinking about which song should go next. With the previous ones I get somewhere good and then I move into the next song but this time I tried to pick one that wasn’t so easy.

Today's Song: Olivia Rodrigo Hones the Craft of Heartbreak in “vampire” -  Atwood Magazine

I love Olivia Rodrigo’s songs, I love to sing, I’m terrible at it but I love to do it. Olivia is one of my favorite female singers and she’s so talented on the piano too. Her new song, Vampire, is a masterpiece. I always sing it like I’m heartbroken even if I’m not, is such a great song, and recently I watched on Tiktok this guy dressed as Michael Myers asking people on Omegle to request any song, and one girl asked Vampire and I found it so beautiful I had to try it myself.

I found the music sheets and tutorial on Pianote and it was beginner-friendly the best part, they teach you how to play the full song! I like how on YouTube you have the video divided into sections, I only could play the Intro, but I’m planning on continuing, I don’t know, maybe I change my mind, but it would be nice to be able to play at least half of the song.

I recorded my progress and uploaded it on Tiktok, you can watch my video here. 



  • Hailey Jorgensen

    I think playing a song you love is a great idea and probably makes you excited to keep practicing. My bets are you’ll have the song so you will roughly play all of it! Can’t wait to hear the progress next week!

  • Charlie Sebastian

    I love the look of your blog, it looks so professional. The piano skills definitely sound good. I can totally see how learning to play a song you enjoy can help you learn piano! Its like an artist practicing by drawing a character they like. Great work!

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