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Cybersleuth or Cyber Stocking? Why your digital identity really matters.

In todays world your digital identity plays a critical role in your identity as an individual on and off the internet. People create the identity they want others to see which is often the ideal moments of their life. The article Split Images discusses how people form a digital identity that often portrays a false image. The article says, “Everyone presents an edited version of life on social media. People share moments that reflect an ideal life, an ideal self.”. I feel like this is a really powerful quote because it is so so true. Social media allows people to control the way others see there lives. As we discussed in our EDTC 300 community its important to Crete a digital image for ourselves before someone else does. However people get so caught up in creating this image or digital identity that they can become consumed. The article also discussed how digital identities effect peoples overall view of themselves. People mostly post about the good things in their lives which makes comparing your life to the ideal life of another person very dangerous for a persons confidence and overall health.

This week I was challenged to cybersleuth a fellow classmate. I started the process by simply searching Karlee Andres into google. This lead me directly to her Facebook and to her Pinterest. Her Facebook was pretty open to me because we share a mutual friend. However I dint gather much from pintrest. All said and done I was actually expecting to find a lot more information about Karlee then I did. However after connecting back with her she examined that she has various other media accounts like instagram, twitter etc. So I concluded that these accounts aren’t under her full name so they don’t come up when I am searching for her. Overall I would say Karlee’s digital footprint is very private and what is public is super professional.

After cybersleuth Karlee I became interested in explore my digital identity. To my surprise I found that my digital identity was much more public then I had predicted. With this in mind I can’t help but think about how my digital identity will effect me as a future educator? Or how my future students will be effected by the digital identity they create? As a future educator I think it is critical to explore the role a digital identity will play in students lives. digital identities will not only effect how students view one and other but it can also have effects on how the students see themselves. It is critical to teach students ways to create a positive digital identity in order to set them up for success in the future. it is also important to educate students on the “ideal lives” people portray on their social media. It is important for myself and other educators to stay current on topics like digital identity so we can teach our students about this important concept.


  1. Jana Ross

    I absolutely love your title for this blog post because I totally felt like I was cyber stocking my partner! I also enjoyed the article Split Images because it discussed the challenges of comparing ourselves online, which is usually our worst to someone else’s presented ‘best’. Your post has a few spelling errors (there (their), Crete (create), dint (didn’t), explore (exploring), effect (affect)) which made me need to re read a few sentences but I thought your overall comments were great! Thanks for the post!

  2. Karlee Andres

    Thanks for “creeping” me and letting me know what you found! I am very surprised that Instagram, Twitter, and even VSCO didn’t show up when you searched my name on Google! I did the same thing and got the same result as you did! I have no idea why none of that shows up because I use them all often. I also find this very interesting because all of my user names are simply my name with a couple numbers, which I thought would connect back to my name in Google. Twitter I recently got for this class and I didn’t do anything to my privacy settings, so I’m very surprised it doesn’t pop up. Thanks for sharing!

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