For week 4 of my learning project I choose to focus on expanding my knowledge of the common words and phrases. This week learning went rather smoothly, and I feel like I developed a strong understanding for many different signs. I started this week learning off by search google looking for common sentences or words to learn when you’re learning a new language. From this search results I found a lot of helpful ideas of different sentences I could focus on learning this week in ASL. However, I also found that a lot of the suggestions pertain to travelling because most often when someone is learning a new language it is for tourist purposes which I found interesting. This brought me to thinking about how it would be to travel to a place where everyone communicating through ASL. This is honestly kind of a fascinating thought it was interesting to think about the different things in my life, but I read every day without actually knowing I’m reading. In a place where people only communicated through ASL what they have images of the hands doing the signs or symbols? What do you think?

After finding a variety of words and terms I wanted to learn I started looking for some resources to help me learn them. In my past weeks of the learning project I’ve had my best luck learning through videos, so I naturally turned to YouTube do you help me find videos explaining the ASL signs for each term I wanted to learn. Since I used a lot of different videos for this week’s learning, I’m not going to touch on every single one however I will share two YouTube channels I have found helpful for this week’s learning. The first channel I used is called Learn How to Sign. I think I may have use this channel for a resource a couple weeks back. However, I really like this channel, so I decided to use it again this week. I like this channel for a few main reasons. The first reason is the women organizes the different signs into categories so the video I used this week focused specifically on family which made it easy to find all the different terms I was looking for in one spot. The second reason I really like this channel is because the women is also vocal. Recently I found that lots of the ASL learning videos are silent which makes sense but for me it is harder to learn I like vocals while I’m learning. In these videos the women provide an explanation of the sign and then demonstrates it. Few times which really allows me to examine her hand movements. The second YouTube channel I used this week is called eHow. This channel provides very short videos with one sign per video which is handy when you are looking for one specific word. However, the man in these videos doesn’t really explain the different signs so it’s a bit more tricky to grasp. I would say both resources are great overall it depends what you need to have a preference on over another.

Heres my learning progress for Week 4

Reflecting on this week one of my main struggles was actually finding terms I should learn so carrying forward to next week I have decided to put my learning into categories to make it easier to learn. Next week I have decided I will focus on the 12 months, the days of the week and the weather. In as I have mainly relied on YouTube to produce videos for my learning resources. However, in this coming week I am challenging myself to you as a video resource found somewhere other than Youtube perhaps Tik-Tok or my ASL learning Facebook page that I have joined. Wish me luck as I search for new learning resources in the closing weeks of my learning project.