Through this course I will have many new opportunities to expand my knowledge on collecting resources. After being introduce and exploring Feedly I think it will be a great asset to use to help myself expand my educational resource collection. I started creating my feedly profile by choosing the 3 different feeds I would follow. The first feed I chose was education. I choose this because I wanted the majority of my resources to be professional educational resources I could apply to my future practicing. I know the overall topic of education is very broad, but I decided I rather have a broad topic that provides lots of resources that I can look through then a small topic that only provides a few resources each day. Under my education sources I tried to add a variety of different sources form personal bloggers like Amy Lemons who adds a wide variety of resources and activities pertaining to elementary education. Another resource I added to this section was The Curriculum Corner 123 where they share many different learning resources to try in K-6 grade levels. these two resources are relevant to me and my degree because they mostly focus on elementary student resources. Overall these two resources will be great contributions to expanding my resource field.

 For my second feed I choose to focus on resources that pertain directly to using educational technologies. As said in my previous blog post About me & My Experience with Educational Technologies I don’t have an excessive amount of experience with technology, so I am really looking to expand my knowledge in this field. I feel this feed and the resources I have added will ensure I can expand my knowledge in education technologies. When adding the sources under this section I tried to pick a variety of different sources like Classroom Tech Tips which shares various classroom tech resources a tips. This resource is helpful to me because it relates to content in this class and it may also produce tech resources I can share with fellow students in this course.I also choose to follow Educational Technology which provides many resources for different technology to use in the classroom and also many different technology tips for teachers. This resource will be helpful to me because I will be able to learn lots of tech tips to apply to my future as an educator. These technology resources will play a big role in expanding my knowledge in the educational technology world.

The third and final feed I added is specifically for elementary ed resources. As a future K-5 teacher I feel it is important to begin finding resources and connecting with other educators about possible activities, classroom lessons and other resources I could use in the future. One of the sources I came across that I really liked and choose to add to this section was Elementary Shenanigans. Although it’s not an overly active resource it provided lots of hands on learning activities. I am a huge advocate for hands on learning and experienced based learning, so I really like this resource. Another resource I found is Ashleigh’s Education Journey, which provides resources for grade 3-5 teaching. This resources is relevant to me because the sources posted are directly aimed at K-5 which is the age a I plan to work with once finishing my elementary education degree. I am really excited about these two resources because I have already found lots of interesting article on their page and I can’t wait to see there future contributions.

Most of the resources I shared above come from suggestion produced by Feedly. I searched and added two sources then I just looked through the suggested sources which allowed me to expand my resource platform.