Although I am a rather young and update individual when it comes to technology, I have never really dived into the twitter world until now. To be honest before now I categorized Twitter as a social media app for old people like my 40-year-old parents ha ha ha. My dad and his buddies are always on Twitter sharing articles and talking about farming. However now after exploring to do for myself I can see that my dad uses Twitter as a knowledge resource for farming similarly to how I will be using Twitter do you connect me with resources within the education field.

 After downloading and creating a Twitter account I started to learn how to use twitter. I found that twitter is run and organized rather similar to other social media apps I use commonly like Facebook and Instagram which made it easy to use. After exploring Twitter for a week, I can definitely see how Twitter can be used in the classroom and also provide support as a professional learning tool. I think twitter great resource to use in the classroom because it is an easy and efficient way of relying info to a large audience such as parents. I also think Twitter can be a useful resource in the classroom because I can give you classroom inspiration and it also allows you to easily reach out to other educators for support.

 Twitter can also be a great support to help provide professional learning tools. Once building your education network on Twitter and connecting with fellow educators teaching resources just seem to fly in. It seems other educators are constantly posting new activities, tips and tricks for the classroom. I personally find these resources very beneficial to myself as a third-year education student.

Shortly after joining Twitter our class was exposed to Twitter deck and our first ever professional Twitter chat. Wondering what Twitter deck, it’s is basically like twitters cooller older brother. Twitter deck is an extension of Twitter that helps manage your account and track your Twitter feed in an organized manner. Tweet deck made it much easier for me to follow the #SaskEdChat conversation which was great. The #SaskEdChat was a very interesting experience. It really allowed me to connect with other educators and learn from them. However, I did not like how fast pace a conversation was simply because I’m the type of person who likes to read every single comment. Which is not possible during a live chat.

Overall, I would say Twitter is a great resource for professional learning and professional teaching as an educator. Thus far I’ve learned a lot about Twitter and developing a professional resource network. I can’t wait to continue developing my professional network and connect with other educators. Wish me luck!

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