First Blunder Cont..

To pick up where I left off, we were just exploring the importance of supporting models.

Roughly 3 hours into this print I had this feeling of dread, and as I watched helplessly I noticed that there was an obvious part of the model I forgot to support. The printer was mezmorizing, however I knew at the end of the long awaited print I would be left with a useless piece of resin.

Resin printers seem like something out of the future, and this is a short video of a time lapse.

Instead of having a super nifty model at the end of my first print I was left with this.

Failed print number 1. Ignore the dirt nail, that is paint from another craft.

The model was inadequately supported near the bottom (top, because it prints upside down). This led to a total mess on the FEP (thin plastic layer that sits on the bottom of the resin vat), and a half printed model.

The goal for next week is to pre-support the model better. I will make a step by step of how I improve this. This will be my guide, if anyone wants to follow along with me!

First assignment update, first 3D blunder.

Okay, let me preface this by saying I have been in the model hobby community for 2 years. It was my COVID hobby that replaced sports. I know my way around miniatures, and I have painted hundreds. That being said this is my first time branching out into making my own miniatures with resin.

To make a long story short, I am currently building and painting a bug themed army for a game called Warhammer 40,000. The barrier to entry for a game like this is the cost, so my goal is 3D print models to play with. (think Dungeons and Dragons, but on steroids)

I purchased a kit to start with, and noticed it had extra parts so you could build alternate stances/weapons. Instead of discarding those I figured I could print another body to use those parts on, so I did some internet sloothing. I found a STL file for $5 bucks, paid the creator, and downloaded it hoping it would be what I was looking for.

Files after downloading them from

After paying the creator and downloading the STL, it was time to turn this file into a 3 dimensional model. Most people in the 3D community pay for slicers (software used for breaking 3 dimensional objects into hundreds of layers that will print one at a time). I don’t have the money for those, so like the broke student I am I used the basic software that came with the printer.

File after being imported into the software.

The file immediately turns into the 3D object, however I had to add supports. Supports are those little strings you see in the photo. They serve one purpose, and that is to make sure the model itself prints without chunks falling off during the print. And this is where I made my first blunder.

I totally didn’t add enough supports so near the end of the print the model failed to print the last 10%. I will post a follow up as the results come out.

Twitter, Social Media, and professional development.

Participating in the #SaskEdChat last week was eye opening. I have always avoided social media because I thought it posed more of a risk than anything. I was always afraid that something that I posted could be misconstrude and used against me later in life when applying for jobs or if I ever ended up in a position of public scrutiny.

That opinion changed during the #SaskEdChat because I realized that there are several potential benefits to networking on these sites, in addition to communicating with other like-minded individuals about ways to improve lessons or approaches in the workplace.

Katia has given us an opportunity to develop a new skill throughout the summer semester, and I choose to focus my time on learning the ins and outs of 3D printing so I could teach tech in highschools eventually. In addition, it has given me the perfect opportunity to video some of the successes and blunders during the early stages of this skill. I have created a YouTube channel where I am going to start posting those videos. Because the community is so niche, other beginners like myself can learn from my mistakes and I can use those videos in the future as a learning tool for students.

I have come around to the concept of social media being a professional tool.

My start of my journey into the future..

This is the first blog post in a series that will take place over the summer. The goal of the summer is to learn a new skill, that will hopefully develop into something bigger than just that. Before I explain what I chose to learn and develop, I need to explain a little bit of context.

I recently did a pre-internship placement and noticed that schools are beginning to develop the field of tech for kids, primarily expanding on AUTOCAD and 3d printing. This got me thinking so I spoke with a group of friends about the potential of this for kids. One of my friends was already dabbling in 3D printing and explained it to me, and my other friend who sells medical equipment to hospitals mentioned that doctors are beginning to implement this in hospitals.

I am a hands on learner, and Youtube was not scratching my inquisitive itch, so I splurged. I recently bought a 3D printer so I could self teach about the tech.

Anycubic 4k Mono Source:

Throughout the summer I have the time, resources, and access to the tech to teach myself how to use the machine and software. In addition, I am planning on starting a Youtube channel to document my experience, upload the products, and vlog my summer throughout the journey so I can use the videos to reference when I eventually get a teaching gig. I have always wanted to make videos, especially tutorials, so this will give me the perfect opportunity.

Introductory blog.

Hello world, this is my first attempt at blogging. My name is Morgan Smerek. I am your average generic middle aged male, caught inbetween Gen X and millenials. Growing up our schools used floppy disks in Mac 1s until 7th grade, and then jumped to Mac books. This blew my mind, mostly because I grew up poor and didn’t have access to computers outside of school. In highschool everyone had the first Iphone and teachers were using SMART boards. Since then the world has completely changed, and the trend is to become more reliant on technology.

First generation Mac, Source:

I have absolutely zero blogging experience, and quite frankly I hate social media. That being said, I have noticed that my career and hobbies would benefit from a presense on the internet. My instagram account has never been active because I always treated it like a forum and only subscribed to people I actually liked to be updated on. My handle on there is GenericWhiteDude.

About Me.

I am an education student at the University of Regina, which is situated on Treaty 4 land. I am a returning student after previously graduating in 2019 with a degree in sociology and history. Currently I am a student athlete on the university rugby team, and a coach for other competitive rugby leagues around Saskatchewan.

I hope you find my Eportfolio interesting. I am a bit old fashioned and do not have any social media accounts to link you to, so if you wish to make contact with me my email is