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Learning More and Expanding my Business

As I create and sell more and more beaded necklaces, I have so many ideas of how to expand my business to get more buyers. I’ve already gotten requests for beaded phone charms, belly beads, and bracelets, so I have been brainstorming how to make those. I was then talking to my neighbour the other day and she asked if I could make her an anklet, and this sparked an idea, I told her “Yes! I will look into it”. I first went to Pinterest to find some inspiration, and found exactly what I wanted! Next, I went to Youtube to find a video explaining how exactly to make an anklet, even though I knew it would be similar to necklace making. I found this video which was actually a tutorial for bracelets but.. same thing right? I watched it, and realized that I needed stretchy string instead of wire, LUCKILY I had some already! The lady in the tutorial video also used a ‘bead board’ which actually allows you to plan out your necklace or anklet before making it, and I decided I needed this! So, I went to Micheals and bought one for $12.99!

Belly beads, beaded phone charm, beaded anklet
Bead board
Bead board with beads

I then made my anklet while watching the tutorial video and using the bead board, but it ended up being too big as I used smaller beads than she did and my divot was rounded (like pictures above), but hers was flat. I had to cut the anklet and restring using less beads, but then it fit perfectly, and I was sure it would fit my neighbour. I was very happy as I could now release that I am selling anklets as well, but I wanted to try to make a necklace using the bead board too! Before selling I also wanted to clarify that I knew exactly how to make the anklet properly when using the bead board. I then found a second video by ‘Beadaholique’ on Youtube and her videos seemed perfect! ‘How to Use a Beading Board to Make a Strung Necklace from Start to Finish’ which was great in explaining exactly what each part of the bead board can be used for and how to visualize and plan a necklace, bracelet or anklet with it. I really liked how ‘Beadoholique’ explained what she was doing and the camera angle made it very easy to follow!

Anklet I made for my neighbour
Necklace I most recently made


  • Taylor Blake

    Hey Paige! Your finished products looks amazing, they are so beautiful! Good for you for brainstorming and expanding your business. I also find Pinterest and YouTube to be super helpful when trying new things. You are doing an amazing job!

  • Sarah Breti

    Hey Paige! Your products look amazing! I love the colours of them! That is so awesome how your business has taken off and you are expanding into more! I never heard of belly beads until reading your post and they look so pretty just like your other products! I love Pinterest as there are so many awesome tips and tricks! I wish you all the luck on your growing business!

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