EDTC300,  Learning Project

Managing Orders and Learning

As my business grows, I am finding it more important than ever to keep track of my orders as my brain cannot remember every order itself lol. I needed to find an app that would allow me to organize and keep track of orders when they are made, picked up, and paid for, etc. I decided I would use Google Sheets as I was already somewhat familiar with it and I would be able to make a spreadsheet. This app actually worked very well for what I needed it too, and I can return to the spreadsheet to add more orders as I receive them! As you can see below I have ‘Name’, ‘Price’, ‘Type’, ‘Made’, ‘Paid’, and ‘Picked up’ as categories, this works great for keeping track of orders and their progress.

Google sheets has so many options and is available on computers and as an app for mobile devices. There is even an inclusive option to make the spreadsheet rainbow by typing ‘P R I D E’ into the top columns. This is what they call an ‘Easter egg’ as it is hidden to most users who don’t know about it. Here is an article about it.

Another thing I learnt through my learning project this week was how to properly make and tie phone charms. As you may have read in my past posts I am trying to expand my business in as many ways as possible and one is selling phone charms as well. They are pretty much a necklace for your phone lol! The only problem was that I had tried to make them a few months ago and I could not figure out what string to use and how to tie them. For this reason, I could not advertise that I was selling them. This week I watched a few different videos and came to the conclusion that I would not be able to make them with stretchy string (which I tried before) because it is not secure enough. I watched this video to teach me exactly how to make the phone charms, and mine came out great!

I was then very happy and was able to announce that I am now making beaded phone charms as well! This was such a great ending to my learning project, I feel as though this has pushed me to try new things and really keep at my learning! ?

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