Am I a professional coder?

For this weeks blog post I chose to create a short video by coding on Scratch, which initially I felt confident about. When I first opened Scratch I looked around on the site to find tutorials or inspiration for my creation. I knew I knew I wanted to create some type of story with different characters and backgrounds. When I started coding, I was almost immediately confused about everything… I had no idea how to use Scratch backgrounds or how to use more than one character in the story. I decided I would go to Youtube to try to find a tutorial on how to do these things and came across some videos. The first video I watched was very hard to follow, and the voice sounded like a child, it was also not describing how to do the things I wanted. The next video I came across seemed to be discussing what I wanted, but it was also a child and was very hard to follow as the music in the background was louder than the voice. Lastly, I came across an amazing video by ‘The Digital Arts Experience‘, which is a stream program for kids and teens based out of Westchester. This video was at one time a live stream by Emily who is the marketing director at ‘The Digital Arts Experience‘. In this video, Emily creates a Scratch story while responding to questions. I decided I would follow her tutorial while creating my own Scratch story but would change it up to be my own in a way! This video was great as it was easy to follow and really demonstrated how to do a lot of the things I wanted to.

Video I watched by The Digital Arts Experience

As I followed Emily’s tutorial or live stream my Scratch video really came along great! I feel as though I learnt so much from her video and would now be able to teach it to someone else. This process held a lot of ups and downs for me because of the fact that I was so confident about it at first, but then had no idea how to actually create what I warned to ?. I believe that the videos from The Digital Arts Experience would be great to use in a classroom. This video would be great to play on an overhead projector while each student has a computer to create and follow it. I believe coding is important as it shows what exactly goes into how your computer or digital device actually does the things you tell it or want it too. I don’t think I would have had as much fun doing actually coding, but I can say I am pretty proud of my Scratch video! ?

My coding from Scratch video
My coding from Scratch video
My coding from Scratch video
My Scratch video I created


  • sydneyhoffman

    Wow, I’m so impressed with how your story turned out, Paige!! It looks fabulous and I find it so crazy that it was completely made by coding. This is definitely sparking some ideas for me about using coding for students to create mini book reports or to respond to poetry, in visual story-form. Scratch seems like it would be an awesome tool for assignments like that.

  • Jana Ross

    I LOVE your video! How cute! I enjoyed reading about Scratch because I did not explore that one so this post was very informative. I can see how school children would enjoy this process. I feel intimidated to introduce coding, I don’t feel I know or understand it well enough. It would certainly be a “learn it together”! Well done! Thanks for sharing!

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