My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of education is that all children are unique, and must have a stimulating and safe emotional atmosphere where they can continually grow socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. It is my goal to create a not only safe environment where this can happen, but also an engaging one. A few things I believe are core to my teaching philosophy would be, (1) Hands on/sensory activities are very important. (2) Students should have choices and be able to direct their own learning. (3) The classroom environment should be pleasing, colourful, and aid towards understanding. (4) It is my role as a teacher to assist each child in developing and learning. 

In my opinion, good teaching should display our own enthusiasm and passion for what we teach. The main thing that inspires me to be a better teacher is my experiences and hearing other peoples experiences of a bad one. Teachers are very special and important people, no matter what age they may teach. Bad teachers can have a huge impact on the children in their class(es), which could lead to unmotivated students and problems in the classroom. Being a teacher comes with many responsibilities, and although that may be hard, I think it is important to make the best of every situation. I believe good teachers are strong communicators and listen well, between faculty, students, and parents. I also presume that good teachers show empathy towards everyone, and have patience like no other. 

In my opinion, education should be a basic right for every student, and should aid towards creating a happy and active member of society. Schools and classrooms  should be an inviting and comfortable place for all students, if they feel comfortable they are more likely to engage and learn. I think students should be able to have the option to share their thoughts and ideas to all individuals from their class, not simply those they sit close to. I want my students to invest wholeheartedly in their work, and I will encourage this by letting them choose what pieces they would like to display in the classroom. In my opinion, all students should be enabled to develop their very own questions and ideas about their world. I do not believe that it is the teachers roll to ‘talk’ at students all day, but rather engage in thoughtful and captivating conversation. Personally, I think learning has taken place when the child fully understands all concepts of the teaching and is able to reciprocate it back or to another student. I believe I will know I am an effective teacher when my students not only enjoy, but also significantly understand the material I have taught. 

When I am a educator I will decide what content to teach by reading and understanding not only the curriculum, but also my students. In my view, to help decide what to teach I need to understand each student so that I can effectively educate them. I strongly believe in sensory and hands on activities, which stimulate the brain and help students develop senses and new schemas. These things are not only ‘fun’ for students but allow them to learn in a way that isn’t pen and paper or exam style. In lieu of assessments I would be sure to do at least one sort of ‘assessment activity’ each month, so that I can keep up my knowledge of the students progress and learning. I believe when having a good flowing day to day routine, children will be able to focus and switch activities easier. As I’ve stated, I aim to foster a safe and stimulating emotional environment for all students. In this environment, children will feel comfortable to grow socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. I believe when having a good flowing day to day routine, children will be able to focus and switch activities easier.