Cross Stitching Week 1

 One thing that I learned about cross stitching this week – it takes time. I have realized I need to make myself a little schedule to meet my goal by the end of EDTC 300! 

I found that once I got started, I was okay. The hardest part though was definitely getting started. I struggled the most with putting the canvas on the hoop! Was seems like an easy step was actually one of the hardest. The QR code that came with my beginner cross stitching kit I am using for this project was LOTS of help. Once I scanned this code with my phone, it brought me to a website with YouTube videos linked to it. The video walked me through each step in order to get started on my project. It was easy to follow and was chunked into different sections making it really easy to understand.

This is the video I used. It is not the same pattern I am using for my project but it still works!

Once I got my Canvas (mostly) secure on my hoop I was able to get started! The video explained that cross-stitching is stitching actually crossed in order to make a picture. This is something that is quite obvious but I didn’t know. Once I got stitching my crosses, I was able to get into a zone – for the most part. There were times where I would have to unstitch a part and try again as my cross wasn’t exactly right. The cross stitching kit gives you a picture with what your project should look like. It has measurements and codes where each stitch and colour need to go making it easy to follow. You just need to count where to start from the middle part of your canvas. I was able to get my stitching mostly accurate. 

This is the patter I am using for my project.
This is how far I am gotten in my project. It doesn’t look like much but it is an hour and a half of work throughout the week. We have a chin and some hair!

Goal for next week: Have my outline done (the black part).

Thoughts on Twitter

To be honest  – I have never been a fan of twitter. I used it once in high school French class and have not used it since. I was a little leary when I found out we would be using it for this class. I found participating in the #SaskEdChat very interesting. I thought the concept of this chat was a great idea. Allowing different educators to come together and discuss topics of the classroom is a wonderful resource and network tool. I did really like being a part of this chat, but I did have a few critiques. I think it is hard to decipher levels of professionalism on social media. From being active and a part of this chat, I was able to identify different levels of professionalism from the participants. I also felt a little intimidated replying to the questions asked in this chat. I had some replies to some of my answers that made me feel a little insecure. I understand that Dr. K. Christopherson wanted to challenge the thinking of all the participants, but I felt as though by refudding my answers that meant I was just wrong. By the end of the hour, I felt a little defeated and did not want to answer any more questions. 

With that being said, I do think Twitter can be a good professional networking tool. Depending on who you choose to follow, I think Twitter can be very informative for teachers and educators. Events, spirit days, and other informative information is shared by different schools around Regina and school boards to update their followers. I follow the Regina Public Schools and the Prairie Valley School Division’s Twitter account which are the two school divisions I sub for. They post and repost information from different schools in their division and different accomplishments from their students and teachers. Another way I think Twitter is a good tool for educators is that this platform makes it easy to reach out to different resources, companies, and professionals that could be used or incorporated into the classroom. As long as teachers educate their students on how to use this platform, it could be easily linked to curricular outcomes and inquiry projects. 

I think I could become a fan of Twitter for a professional reason but not a personal reason. My partner, David, uses Twitter constantly. He loves using it for following sports updates and current news topics. I, however, do not share the same feelings for personal enjoyment. From the exposure to Twitter from our class, I do see myself using it for professional resources and networking when I have my own classroom. I think I would be able to find different lesson and unit ideas on Twitter, as well as different ways to incorporate certain teaching philosophies, like play-based learning, into the classroom.

Here are a few accounts I followed for inspiration and ideas!




Into to My Learning Project

For my learning project, I have decided to learn embroidery/cross stitching. My inspiration for this project was a gift I made for my partner for Christmas. My partner, David moved to Canada from Ireland with his family in 2014 and I wanted to make his a personalized gift for him.

I decided to stitch the island of Ireland into a painted canvas. This was my first time experimenting with embroidery, and I was actually very pleased with the results.

For my learning project I want to continue to learn and improve these skills. I went shopping to see if I could find any materials I could use for this project. At Winners, I actually found a beginners cross stitching kit.

This kit comes with all the supplies I need to complete this project. It even comes with an online component which fits perfectly with this courses objectives. A QR code is included in this kits instructions for easier learning for beginners!

My learning project plan is to begin with this cross-stitch beginner’s kit using the tutorial videos included in the instructions. Since this is my first experience with this kind of cross stitching, I feel like I will need additional support. I plan to use YouTube videos to help me during my learning for this project. I found a YouTube video for beginners who are starting their cross stitching journey. Once I complete this project, I plan to complete another beginner cross stitch pattern. Once I am comfortable with this type of cross stitching, I plan to create my own cross stitch/embroidery pattern just like the one I made for David.

All About Me and My Education Journey

This is me!

Hi! My name is Sara and I am a new teacher just starting off my career in Saskatchewan.

I convocated from the U of R in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Education Degree majoring in elementary education. From there, I was fortunate enough to begin my career with a one-year temporary contract teaching kindergarten in a rural community in the Prairie Valley School Division. I absolutely loved teaching kindergarten and learned so much about myself and my teaching style in my first year of teaching. I was fortunate enough to have two different classes full of amazing little kiddos during my contract and work with some wonderful educators. After my contract was up this past December, I have been working as a substitute teaching in Regina Public Schools, Prairie Valley School Division, and occasionally Prairie Sky School which is a private school here in Regina. During my time as a sub I have been able to work at many different schools in a variety of classes which has been a wonderful experience thus far. Now, I am taking classes towards my Inclusive Education Certificate to further my education and hope to finish this certificate within the the next few years.

My first day on my contract, January 2020
My second first day of kindergarten, September 2021

When I am not teaching, I am often visiting with friends and family or enjoying the outdoors. I have two small dogs that love walks and hope to travel more in the future. During the summer I work part time at the University of Regina’s Summer Sports School children’s camp and part time serving at the Royal Regina Golf Course.

I am not very familiar, or comfortable, with blogging. I have a small amount of experience with blogging and word press from a previous university class, but I still am not very comfortable with it. I am interested to see if I become comfortable with this online concept by the end of our six week class. I hope to become for “tech savvy” by the end of this course and incorporate some of my new knowledge into my teaching career. I have not used Twitter since French class in grade 11 so getting back on it will be something new for me. Here is a link to my Twitter handle.