The Final Product

Here it is: The final product!!

Phew, I’m not going to lie, I am a little glad I am finished with my cross stitching. My hands would get clam-y when working of my learning project, so the edges of my canvas got very wrinkled. It was also difficult when my hands would get sweaty because it was hard to hold my needle. Since the thread is so small and the needle is so tiny, is was sometimes very hard to thread the needle and start stitching. The thread would also get tangled in the middle of my stitching so that got very frustrating. Take it from me, the back does not look as nice.

Here is the pattern I followed for my project. As you can see if you look close enough, there are some boo boos. Cross stitching requires a lot of concentration so when I would take breaks throughout the weeks working on this project, it would sometimes be hard to remember where I was. Also, cross stitching is very tedious work, so sometimes I would get lots in the pattern and make my mistakes.

Overall, I am happy with my final results. It was fun to pick up a new hobby, and I think I do like to cross stitch. I can see myself continuing with this hobby but most likely in the winter months when there is not a lot to do. I think cross stitching is a hobby that should require no or very little amounts of pressure. Since this hobby is so time consuming, I often felt frazzled when working on this project in order to keep up with the deadlines.

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