The future of the world is in my classroom today - Ivon Welton Fitzwater

Day: September 21, 2020


Below are some links I believe to be positive on the way to learning and teaching diversity in the classroom.

Bringing diversity into the classroom is a way to teach students to appreciate not only their backgrounds but others as well while also learning to look at something from a different perspective than they had before. This teaches them how to interact with their teachers and peers to take with them as they grow

I believe…


  • I believe every child matters
  • I believe that teachers can change the world, one student at a time
  • I believe being a teacher and a friend is important 
  • I believe that it’s okay to have an off day but never let it define you
  • I believe we need to learn more about Indigenous culture as well as the past
  • I believe parents play a strong roll in their children’s take on life
  • I believe that students don’t just learn from teachers, teachers learn from students as well
  • I believe a welcoming classroom is a healthy classroom
  • I believe all students are capable
  • I believe we learn everyday
  • I believe that we are teachers 24/7

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