The Big Three O!

On Friday it will be my 30th birthday!!!

happy cake day

What better way to celebrate then to test out some new bakeware and homemade cake recipes! Once again, I took to Pinterest to find two different confetti cake recipes.

The two recipes I choose were similar, but the one by Sally’s Baking Addiction used more eggs and the one by Delish used more sugar and also cornstarch.

The recipes were both easy to follow, ill share which one I will definitely be using again in my review at the end of this post!

I was so excited to use my new “Numbers and Letters Cake Pan” from Pampered Chef . Honestly, everyone needs this pan. It can make any number or letter in one pan!

I choose to do Sally’s recipe first and make the number 3!

Ingredients and the wonderful cake pan
There is actually way more sugar in cakes then I thought.
This cake was pretty dense. It tasted great, but for the amount of eggs/egg whites I thought it would be fluffier.
EEK! I love the cake pan!

Next, quickly wash everything up and time to make the “0”. This recipe was from Delish which actually pops up frequently on my Facebook as an ad. It was the same process as the “3”, but with a few different ingredients.

the “0” cake pan.
This cake was more fluffy!
ops! dropped the sprinkle container in the batter.
I am seriously obsessed with this cake pan. BUT it made two gigantic cakes.

If you are wondering how I collage the photo’s together I use a free app on my phone called “layout” it is an app that connects with Instagram.

I then made a vanilla buttercream icing from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I dyed it a few different colors (blue, purple and green) and got decorating. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of this process. I made the icing look like tie dye (in my opinion) which was super easy to do. You just put little globs of colors all over the cake and smooth into one another with a smoothing knife.

The final products! The cakes were both delicious and a simple process to make. However, the Delish cake was more airy and fluffy and I had my small get together of friends rate the cakes and everyone seemed to like it better! Sally’s cake was still good just very dense. I also read that you can buy sprinkles that don’t leave their color coating throughout the batter. I would consider purchasing different sprinkles for my next confetti cake. I was intimidated to make anything from scratch before this class and I am very much enjoying my time baking in the kitchen.

Baking Tip #7- Get the PAMPERED CHEF pan. YOU NEED IT!

Cheers to 30!

Had a great day ice fishing and enjoying cakes!

Stay Sweet,

Miss Blenkin

12 thoughts on “The Big Three O!

  1. Hey Shana. Your post is amazing and the cakes look really yummy. I might have to consider getting one of those pans, they make it look so easy to make the numbers! Can’t wait to see what you make next!

    1. Honestly, it was easier then I was expecting the cakes worked perfect in them! I cannot wait to make another cake in it. BUT They are massive cakes. I still have a whole one froze in the deep freeze (I’m not complaining I love cake haha)

  2. Hey Shauna, and happy belated birthday! It was so cool to watch this process. Those cakes look seriously amazing. My grandma made professional cakes for weddings and birthdays for over 30 years and she would have loved to have a pan this versatile! Using two different recipes was a great way to compare how more or less of certain ingredients will affect the consistency of the cake. That will definitely be useful when looking at future recipes. Your post totally made me develop a craving for cake!

    1. Thanks Em! I would love to see your grandma’s cakes I bet they are amazing! How lucky would have you been growing up with her making the best birthday cakes. I thought the cake with more eggs would be fluffier so I was surprised to my findings.

    1. Thanks Richelle! It was a great birthday with delicious cakes, we just have a lot of left over cake now! (I’m not mad about it though)

  3. Hey Shana!
    Happy Birthday girl! I love how your cakes turned out and the icing is amazing. Those are the most beautiful spring colours. Those pans are also great, wow! I am curious to know how you are liking learning how to bake online? Are there any challenges or has it been smooth sailing? I imagine it’s nice having access to so many recipes so I can see that being a pro!
    Let me know 🙂

    1. Hey Laura, thanks for asking that question, nobody has asked yet! I am surprisingly loving it. I think it is a nice break from the computer screen time to go do something else, but feel like its still an important task because it is for a class! So far (I’ve been following direction diligently) and it has been going very smoothly, which if you asked my fiancé before if he would eat a muffin or cupcake of mine he would probably say no. I actually dream up little creations in my head of what I want to make next. Decorating has been the most challenging part for me, I feel like I don’t have the finesse or patience. My favorite has been the bagels hands down, I have done that recipe another time since my blog post and I am planning on making some again tomorrow. I always have had that food truck bagel dream so I am really testing it out in this class.

  4. Happy belated Birthday Shana! Your cake looks like it turned out really well! I am not a huge cake fan (I know, I’m an idiot), but it certainly looks great 🙂 . Seeing the process from start to finish through your series of photos is cool, it looks like it would be fun to whip up a cake! Maybe I will try it some time, but I think I would make muffins instead. I know they are just tiny cakes…. my family thinks I am nuts for liking muffins and not cake ;). I look forward to your next post!
    Talk to you soon,

    1. Thanks Ian! You are definitely not a sweet tooth guy by the sounds of your comments on my posts! Maybe… my creations on Thursday will have you drooling over the computer screen for what I plan on baking! I think I agree with you on muffins over cake actually. They are easier to eat and you more versatile. You can just grab one and head out the door you don’t need a plate or anything.

  5. Hello Shana!
    Happy belated birthday! Your cake looks AMAZING! I agree that the icing looks like tie-dye – So cool! Also, that number cake pan is so genius (it reminds me of a score clock) I have never seen or heard of a company making a pan like that before and I honestly can’t believe it took so long for it to be a thing! Like people (my mom) really just had a bunch of different cake pans for each number and it takes up so much unnecessary space. I think I just might have to message my auntie that sells pampered chef and buy this pan before I forget about it!

    1. Thank you Kassia. I am so happy with the cake pan very glad I purchased it. I would be hitting up your auntie to see what kind of discount she can give you ;). The space it saves and the nice blue/teal color is really cute. The icing was super easy to do, I was going to try be fancy and make flowers but I am happy I went with the tie-dye look.

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