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WOW, I cannot believe that this is my last baking experiment, for this class anyways! Our #learningproject’s are coming to an end and I am kind of sad about it, but happy to not have so much tempting sweets and goodies around and get back into a healthier nutrition and workout schedule.

This week was FUN! I decided that if I was actually thinking of trying to make my own wedding cake like I talked about in my first #learningproject blog post then I better take a cake class! As you all know, I am obsessed with my Jenna Rae Cakes Cookbook and when I got an email saying Jenna will be hosting an online Easter cake/decorating class I was all in. I signed up for the class and was invited to a private Facebook page where we were given our class workbook and instructions to prep before the “Live” Zoom class that would happen. ( I missed the live zoom, but could catch it later and will have it forever which is pretty cool.)

Steps to do before the live Zoom class:

I went out and bought my ingredients I needed and baked my first cake on Monday. I am not sure if I did something wrong because the recipe said it would make two 6 inch by 3 inch cakes. I could only get one cake from the recipe that was given to us. So I ended up baking the second cake on Wednesday after our class. After I baked the cakes I wrapped them in saran warp and placed them in the freezer.

The cake will be a 4 layer vanilla cake with chocolate mini egg buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream on the outside.

I had everything measured out, so I wouldn’t forget any ingredients.
The baking process! the bottom two pictures are the start to the chocolate buttercream.

Saturday was caking decorating day. I got both my vanilla butter cream and chocolate buttercream ready. I watched the zoom video on Friday, so I had a better idea of what would be happening on Saturday. I am really happy that I watched the video before I got started. I felt more confident and ready to tackle this decorating masterpiece.

I was smarter and used my blender to crush up the mini eggs for in the chocolate buttercream. Way easier then using a knife.
This is my vanilla buttercream dyed teal (robins egg blue)
I had my counter space organized and ready to watch the zoom video.

During the zoom, I did have to pause it and go back to re watch something, but I enjoyed having that options. (I didn’t make this cake during the live zoom). During the live zoom if you had any questions you could ask them and Jenna would answer them while her cakes were cooling.

Honestly, I surprised myself with how this cake turned out. It looked so much better then I imagined. I learned throughout this experience that decorating is not my favorite thing to do! The cake taste component was not my favorite, but I am very proud of what my cake ended up looking like. I will be searching for a good vanilla or chocolate cake recipe if I do decide to get this fancy again.

You could say this was not a “Pinterest fail”

I keep saying “I don’t know if I would make a cake like this again” but now that I have the tools and skills I think the second go would be easier and they would continue getting easier each cake I try. I give credit to all the bakers out their that do this for a living or a hobby. I would definitely do another online zoom baking or cooking experience. I would actually love to go to an in person learn how to “smoke” class. We have a smoker and I want to master it!

Reflecting on this project I will not be making my own wedding cake, it would be way to stressful to incorporate that into a busy wedding week!

I encourage you to try an online cooking or baking class. I am sure there are many of You Tube that you do not even have to pay for.

Stay Sweet,

Miss Blenkin

Baking tip #11- “A cold cake is happy cake” (Jenna Rae Cakes). When you are decorating a cake it is best to make sure that your cake always stays cold during the process.

6 thoughts on “GRAND FINALE

    1. Hey Melina,
      Thank you! honestly the taste was average (I would like to find a different vanilla cake recipe to use next time). but I was impressed with my decorating skills because I usually do not have the patience for it. My friend told me if I run hot water on my scraper it should be more smooth next time. So I will have to try that.

  1. WOW! I am SO impressed with your masterpiece! What a great way to wrap up your project. It’s clear that you learned a lot of new skills during your learning project and have wonderful memories to look back on. I love that you incorporated so many online elements into your project, like taking part in a Zoom class, joining a Facebook group, and documenting your project through photos and videos. After reading about your cake decorating design and creation, I feel inspired to bake and try something new! You did a great job of documenting the process and reflecting on your experience. Your willingness to challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone is evident in your blog posts. You have done a wonderful job this semester. Well done!

    1. Thank you Amanda, I appreciate your input and it definitely helped me with the “reflection” pieces of my baking and educational journey. The Zoom class was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take a baking or cooking class. Let me know if you ended up baking something? I also highly recommend the Jenna Rae Cakes Cookbook if you do enjoy baking! SO many good recipes from cream puffs and macaroons to very fancy cakes!

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