What I Learned? Where Do I Start?

December 7, 2022 0 By Sydney Winterholt

Well it is time to reflect on this semester and summarize what I have learned from this course. When first looking at this I had 3 pages of brainstorm of things I could discuss however, I created one of these as well for a different class that resulted in a 15 minute video and I got the feedback to make these summary videos a simple, short and sweet overview. So here is a short and sweet overview of what I learned from this course in only 4 minutes:

After I finished this video and rewatched it, it took so much in me to not go back and add more detail to be more specific. However, I decided to not overthink and just go with it as it does it’s purpose, it summarized what I learned.

Did you learn similar ideas? Did I forget to mention a crazy important idea that you learned?

I really enjoyed my time in this course! Thanks to everyone who made it a blast! – See you soon, Sydney.