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Identity in a Digital World

In a time so involved with the online world it is crucial to create a positive digital footprint. This means your identity online should be positive and difficult to find any negative aspects of yourself online. Have you ever tried googling your own name? What pops up? Is it mainly positive aspects or negative aspects?…

By Sydney Winterholt December 7, 2022 0

Cool Coding in the Classroom!

In class the other day we explored the idea of coding and discussed if it would be something useful for students to learn at school. At first I was hesitant about thinking it was something that would be useful or important to learn. My mind was changed after listening to others opinions, reading others blog…

By Sydney Winterholt December 3, 2022 0

Technology? In the Curriculum?

In class we have been talking a lot about the importance of digital literacy. As the majority of us would agree that digital citizenship and digital literacy should be taught and learned about at school since technology and the internet plays such a large role in society affecting our daily lives and that it can…

By Sydney Winterholt November 28, 2022 0