Journey Towards Truth & Reconciliation

My Aesthetic Piece

My aesthetic representation represents the importance of teaching the truth and the power the education system has. I have realized how much power the education system has and how important it is to use that power in a positive way. Residential Schools was a misuse of that power by the European settlers who took advantage of that power and abused it to try and assimilate the Indigenous culture. This abuse of power created an understandable distrust between Indigenous people and the education system. As a future educator I have the chance to help rebuild this trust and help the Indigenous community.

In my aesthetic representation I try to show that if the power in the education system is being used in a positive manner than light will be spread throughout the world. An important way I think the power needs to be used in a classroom is to teach the truth about the past. When the truth is being taught and it is an inclusive environment, then the light you are creating gets spread beyond the classroom and into the world, dissolving stereotypes, showing people that their voice is heard and lives matter. In order to teach the truth, I as a future educator need to take the time to learn from elders and from the past to be able to educate students on the truth. I think this is one of the most important parts of being a teacher, is to teach the truth and spread the light beyond the classroom. I hope to use my power as a teacher in a classroom to make the world a better place by spreading the light that comes from learning the truth. If the students learn the truth from the beginning, then in the future, the adults will have already known the truth and the world will have made so much progress.   

From learning the truth, one of my main goals as an educator for the future is to make sure that every student I talk to feels important, valued, welcomed and that their voice is heard. Even though I have learned a lot about the truth and about the past there is always more that I can learn and I will continue to re-educate myself while taking actions to create a difference.