It’s Here… The Final the Draw

December 3, 2022 1 By Sydney Winterholt

I cannot believe I have made it to the end and how much I have learned about both drawing on my IPad and using the app ProCreate! For this final drawing I wanted to use as much of the knowledge I have learned throughout the process of doing this learning project this semester. Therefore, I decided to combine some of the different weekly drawings all together. Before I get into the drawing for this final piece lets take a quick review of what I did each week.

  • Week 1- An Introduction
    • In this blog post, I discussed what I was going to do for my learning project. I explained why I chose to learn how to draw on my IPad, what my end goal was, what I would need to do this project, and what my steps were. This helped lay down a map that guided me for what I would work on for the coming weeks
  • Week 2- Starting to Explore
    • In this weeks blog post, I began my journey by exploring different elements in the ProCreate app. However, there was so many features that I felt I was getting no where by just playing around. Therefore, I went to YouTube to find a tutorial for beginner IPad drawers. That is when I drew a basket of fruit and how it turned out made me more encouraged to do the next weeks work.
  • Week 3- Flowers with Video Creating
    • For this blog post on my learning project I learned to draw some simple flowers. I also learned this week that ProCreate records your process of drawing that you can download. Therefore, I took that video and I put it into IMovie. I then added a voice over to explain my thinking process while drawing. Not only did I learn more drawing knowledge, features on ProCreate such as layers, and how to use a different Internet platform and create a video with a voice over.
  • Week 4- Sunsets and TikTok
    • In this weeks blog post I tried using a different platform to find a tutorial on. This lead me to find a couple sunset tutorials on TikTok that I tried out. This experience was stressful as I felt pressured to draw fast and it was hard to go back to rewatch certain spots. I drew a sunset on my own before attempting the tutorials and the one I drew on my own was more relaxing, enjoyable and had the best end results. However, I did learn about new brushes, layers, and blending.
  • Week 5- More Meaning with the Drawings 
    • For this blog post, I went a simpler route by drawing out some of my ideas of tattoos that I would want to get if I were not so scared of needles. However, although these drawings of tattoos may look simple they are all inspired from personal experiences and have greater meanings which I explained for each of the ideas I drew.
  • Week 6- More Flowers
    • When I began my drawing for this blog post it was around thanksgiving so I decided to attempt drawing a fall bouquet. The tutorial I found to follow along with this one led me to a very neat blog that had so many resources for me to use when it came to using ProCreate to draw on my IPad. It was quite interesting, and I referred back to it for the rest of my journey with my learning project. This drawing was probably the drawing I spent the most time on, but I also learned a lot from doing this drawing. I really got an understanding of how helpful layers are, using elements within the layers such as clipping masks, and so much more!
  • Week 7- Tracing
    • In this week I happened to scroll passed a video showing me a neat trick to use on procreate to add pictures and then trace them. Therefore, I tried this strategy out for my learning project and reflected on it in this weeks blog post. I really enjoyed the process of tracing the picture as it was really relaxing and fun.
  • Week 8- More Tracing
    • After the previous week, I wanted to attempt tracing again so I did and reflected on it in this blog post. I felt that there was a lot more improvement from the last one as this one turned out really nice and became one of my favourites from the series. I also used knowledge from the past weeks to use layers when creating the drawing which was very helpful and useful.
  • Week 9- Practicing my Skills with Plants
    • This last blog post was my most recent. Before starting I knew the semester was coming close to the end which would mean I would need to wrap up my learning project journey. Therefore, I decided to put the skills I had learned so far to practice by drawing a series of different plants with no tutorials nor tracing. It was really enjoyable and relaxing while using the skills I learned. It felt satisfying when I finished and began to reflect on it through the blog post as it was so interesting to see how well my knowledge expanded and skills improved over just nine weeks.

Week 10- Putting it all Together (The Final Drawing)

As discussed in the beginning I wanted to use the knowledge I learned along my journey to put together my final piece. Get ready for it because here it is…

Although all the items I drew amongst the weeks may not be in the drawing I still used aspects that I learned to create this. That could include using layers, using a clipping mask, using different brushes and so much more. I started with a sunset, added sand and then detailed the water and sky. Then I decided to use the tracing strategy to draw a picture of my brother and I. My favourite aspects from this drawing was the sunset and how well I blended it, the reflections of the sky on the water, the nice transition from the sand to water, and finally the small details in the traced picture, especially my leggings and my brothers shirt. What are your favourite parts of this drawing? If you followed my series of blog posts on my learning project, did you have a favourite week? Do you think my skills improved over the 10 weeks? I would love to hear all your thoughts in the comments.

If you are interested in my process of drawing this video here is a short, sped up clip of me drawing it. You will also see the original picture I decided to trace; let me know if you think they look almost identical or not.