18 Minutes… More Like 18 Hours!

November 13, 2022 3 By Sydney Winterholt

For my learning project this week I wanted to challenge myself. I have recently been sticking to shorter videos to learn from that seemed easier for a beginner. I wanted to revisit drawing flowers but instead of just drawing flowers I decided to take on a bouquet to try and draw. I found this video on YouTube that was 18 minutes so it was a bit longer but not too long that made me not even want to attempt it. However, although the video was only 18 minutes long, I probably spent 15 to 20 hours drawing this bouquet.

Although from following along with this video took me many more hours than usual to draw, I found it to be quite easy to follow along as long as you paused the video after each instruction. As you can see there are many of the same item shapes in this drawing so the instructional method used in this video was to explain how to draw an item and then it was fast forward as she drew all the similar shaped items. Therefore, I would have to pause the video to draw the item, sometimes go back and rewatch the instructional method and then keep the video paused so that I could catch up over the fast forward part to draw all of my similar item shapes. Then when I finally finished I was able to click play again get through another 4 minutes of the video and then have to repeat the process all over again.

I found that although I spent a lot more time drawing from this instructional method, it allowed me to use a bit more of my own creativity, and helped with my perfectionist personality as the video was not rushing me to keep up as they are drawing and be good at it; rather I was able to relax and draw at my own pace.

I would definitely recommend this ladies videos to learn from if anyone else is wanting to learn how to draw on an IPad. She does not only just creates Youtube videos but also has a blog with many free resources to use. All that was needed was too provide your email address and all the free resources were made available for you to use!

Find the site at: https://every-tuesday.com/

I will definitely be revisiting this site because she has custom made brushes that you can download onto your procreate which I find really usefully as a beginner since sometimes for myself finding the right brush to work with is the most challenging as there are sooooo many choices. She also has free colour palettes available for free so you can use the same colours without trying to create the same ones while following along with a video. Then she also has free tutorials which you can also find on youtube or you can sign up for courses that are paid.

This is my final product and I think it is my favourite piece I have created so far! I am very proud of how this one turned out despite the long hours I spent on it. 🙂