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What Being a Professional Means to Me

To be a professional, can have a variety of meanings. In this case of professionalism related to teachers means to act in a respectful, and appropriate way that is “worthy of the public’s trust” (STF document p.2). The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation has created codes and standards that teachers must follow to help guide them in how to act in a professional way.  

I believe the answer to the question “Am I a teacher 24 hours a day?” is yes, since no matter where you are (at home or at work), what you do (on your own time or during your work day) it affects your reputation as an educator. The reputation a teacher holds will always get connected back to their career since teachers hold the trust of the public to educate and care for the youth of their community, therefore all of their choices can be judged by the public and gets tied back to their reputation as a professional and as an educator. This means that teachers need to always act and behave in a professional manner both at work and outside of work.  

As a student in the Faculty of Education I have very similar responsibilities as a teacher, as being a part of this faculty, I am part of the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation. With this that means I have the responsibility to learn about and understand the codes, expectations and practices the STF created as well as following them. I as a student in this faculty have the responsibility to also act in a professional manner as I study to become a teacher.