Understanding the Online Blended Class

In this modern world, we can’t think even a day without the internet. Our life is fully dependent on the usage of the internet, from checking our work schedule to paying for shopping through e-wallets and whatnot. These days, worldwide, the education sector is dependent on the internet. Especially, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people become familiar with technology integration or online classes. These days, both teachers and students are fully dependent on the power of technology. Nowadays, from providing different announcements to receiving assignments and delivering grades, teachers are highly dependent on technology. It’s easier for them to give feedback based on regular breakout discussion rooms during the class and forum writing for the weekly task. This is how the teachers can easily track a student’s attentiveness, understanding, and drawbacks towards the learning of the course. On the other hand, students, and teachers need to equip the learners with the necessary technology to succeed. This is because it enables them to develop their self-confidence and improve their academic performance. It also helps them become independent and makes them more capable of handling their problems. One of the most important factors that one teacher can consider when it comes to implementing technology in regular class lessons is to make the students feel more comfortable using it. A student becomes more enthusiastic to learn more through numerous ideas from discussion sessions which encourages them to pursue a new career path. For instance, through doing different courses about education, my career goal is changing a little bit. It gives me hope to become a classroom teacher or a highly efficient trainer. To ensure that students have a successful experience with blended learning, teachers should promote good course designs, develop new teaching and technology abilities, and make sure that students are comfortable with the changes.

When it is to my experience in online blended classes, I have equally faced some opportunities and challenges. The main challenge that I have faced is students don’t open up about their difficulties in understanding certain topics during class. As a trainer, I always try to build an interactive and participative classroom, where everyone can open up about their problems and try to solve them together through discussion about experiences or anecdotes. I have found many opportunities through online blended classes. Through every week’s quiz through Kahoot App, I got to know about their understanding by which I can able to provide instant feedback that’s helpful to the further evaluation. One of the most important factors that I consider when it comes to implementing blended learning is the positive impact that school culture and mentors can have on the development of our children. According to me, increasing performance and setting goals are the main reasons why people participate in this type of learning.

I believe that the use of technology has dramatically improved the way teachers teach, and it is helpful for many students, such as those who are tech-inclined. Blended learning encourages institutes to take teachings and discussions out into the workplace through online forums, e-coaching, and coaching.

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  1. Hey! I really enjoyed reading your in-depth piece as you discussed how everything is technically connected to our life. Two distinct thoughts crossed my mind as I read your post. The first is the students’ attentiveness, which is an excellent method to encourage their interest in learning. However, the second one, which is self-confidence, in my opinion, requires mixed learning since, as a result of their excessive use of technology, students are becoming estranged from their fellow human beings, and online learning is not adequate to foster confidence in learners.

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