Expectation vs Reality – punch needle edition

Oh boy, this was a whirlwind. I decided to tackle what I thought would be the most straightforward pattern to follow for my punch-needling journey, and my, oh my, I was wrong. I blissfully went into this project thinking, “It’s going to be fine! Not too hard, seems easy enough.”

So to start, I purchased a beginners kit from my local Micheal’s craft store, thinking it would be a great way to begin. Well, it doesn’t even come with the punch needle! So I had to go back to the store and find the required punch needle. I searched high and low, and with the help of a store employee, I then found it. So I made my way back home and had everything to start.

This is where things go downhill. The starter instructions were so hard to follow. And I realized they didn’t even tell me how to thread the needle! It’s not as simple as it sounds; it is a hollow needle with two holes and has to be done a certain way for the thread to make the bubbled design. I am so glad I found a step-by-step to help me get started. After I went through the step-by-step, it began to get easier. However, I still found the process difficult. I think the small size design I chose made it harder for me. I believe if I chose a big pattern, it would have been easier because there would’ve been more surface area so that I could’ve seen it better. The part I found most difficult was getting the little loops close to each other. I got more confident as I went along, but I still found it hard for it to look connected; this is why I think maybe a larger design might be easier for me. Before I knew it, I finished this first design.

Above is my finished product. I do think for my first go; it is not that bad. I guess this is the point of a learning project! To learn and get better as I go. I thought the title, expectation vs. reality, was fitting here because, as I said above, the small design was complicated for me to see the exact dimensions of where to place the loops. As a result, my cactus looks a little deformed. However, I’m still proud of myself that I figured it out, and I am excited to see how much my punch-needling skills improve.

3 thoughts on “Expectation vs Reality – punch needle edition”

  1. Honestly, this is exactly what I was like the first I tried knitting, embroidery, or basically any craft ever haha. I always get so excited to start and my ambition definitely gets ahead of me. I think your cactus looks great and I’m excited to see what else you’re able to do! I’m sure now that the first piece is out of the way you’ll have so much more confidence. Enjoy!

  2. This is actually really great! I am sure you will get better in your next projects as you progress and educate yourself more!! Keep fighting you are doing great! I am also struggling with my learning project but hey! what’s the fun if you are not struggling to achieve something!! All that matters is we are trying and learning!

  3. Hello Torri!
    This really amazing!. Looking at the image you had and what you were able to do, it seems that you did not know that you have that talent. For me your expectation is close to the reality and I am sure you will master it with more practice as you are learning. Keep it up!

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