Here we go again!

After being quite successful from the start of my crochet journey, I decided I wanted to turn up the heat! I thought once again if I wanted to try and make something or if I just wanted to attempt another stitch. I thought to myself, what would be better in the long run for my learning for me to be able to continue this journey in the future? And my answer was to try another type of stitch and technique.


For this week, I wanted to try making a square that involved ribbing. I then began searching for a tutorial. I came upon a tutorial that involved a half-double stitch for the ribbing. Ribbing looks so beautiful, and I thought it would be great to learn because it is the type of crochet stitch that is usually at the bottom of some sweaters, mittens, hats, and other things like that.


I went out and bought a beautiful white and green yarn (it looks similar to the one in the screenshot actually) and dove in.

I began following the video, and this one, by far, has been the hardest for me. Typically with the stitches, I have been learning, I can do a lot in one sitting, but this one I have struggled to finish. It was harder for me to do because my hand got very sore, and I kept missing the loops and had to start again.

I eventually finished the square, but it was the hardest so far for me to finish. I did not even tie this on off because I wanted to make it a few rows larger, but I had to throw in the towel. I do not regret learning and trying the ribbing. As I said at the beginning of the post, I think it’s a key one to learn because ribbing is in so many winter clothes!

Now for next week, because this week was giving me a hard time, I have already started. I am thrilled with how it turns out, but I hope to complete it fully next week to be able to show the full thing, so I am not going to show my progress here yet! I think everyone is going to love it!

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