I am not in Treble! (stitch)

I am very excited about this week! I bought a beautiful new blue yarn (chenille)!

I love everything about this yarn. The feeling of this yarn, the colour and most importantly, how excited I am to try a new crochet stitch with it.

Since making that accidental scarf last week using a double crochet stitch, I have been thinking about what I want to try this week. I went back and forth on if I wanted to try and recreate the scarf and attempt to make it better, but I honestly wanted to try something completely new. So, therefore, I settled on one called the treble crochet.


I stumbled upon the treble crochet from this video on YouTube:

After reviewing it a couple of times, I decided just to dive head first and get started on it. My motto this week was, I might as well, or I am not going to learn anything, and even if I fail, I still will learn something! It was a similar start as last week. I felt a tad unsure of what I was doing but decided to keep going anyway when I thought I had made a mistake. As I continued, I felt more and more confident. I just wanted to make a large square instead of a rectangle (scarf) like last week. One thing I noticed what that my hands felt very crampy this time around. I did not experience that last week. I thought I was death-gripping the crochet hook to get the correct number of loops and ensure it was tight enough to make the stitch look how it’s supposed to.

This is it in its glory! There are definitely some spacing issues between some of the stitches (the pictures hid them well!). But overall, I am once again proud of myself for trying something new even when I was unsure it was going to turn out this way!


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