Is Fotobabble worth trying? – joint LP and blog post

When I saw the prompt for this week’s post, I was not sure what tool/app to try to document my learning project. So I went through the option Katia recommended us to look at, and I thought Fotobabble stood out to me. The description Katia had for it was “allows for pictures with voice-over.” So I immediately thought this would be a good one to try because I could take a picture of my finished punch needle designs to document my progress and discuss my experience and what I found challenging or accessible that week.

The way the Fotobabble website is laid out makes it quite simple to use. In the top right corner, highlighted in an orangey-red, it says “+ New Fotobabble.” There are also other options like searching for your previous Fotobabble posts (if you have them) and being able to organize your posts either by title or date, or creator. Once you want to create a Fotobable and click the right corner button, as said above, you drag and drop or upload any picture from your computer and name it whatever you would like. Then you can record a voice-over, add captions, draw on it, and more to customize your Fotobabble however you would like. These options are all on the right side of your uploaded picture.



Overall I would rate this a 10/10 because it is easy to use, and I had no issues with it. It was very straightforward, and the instructions were easy to follow. It works great with my learning project because I can document my progress through visuals and have my thoughts on top of them.

I could totally use this tool to teach in the classroom as well. Obviously, I think children would probably prefer to watch a video ( or have something more interactive), but in certain circumstances, this is a great tool. For example, if I had an activity that needed the students to focus on an image, I could use Fotobabble and voice-over instructions. I could also use this as a study tool for students; if they needed a study guide, I could use pictures from their curriculum (whatever is being tested) and voice over the critical summarized material they need to know for said test. Another example is that I could get students to use this for projects; whatever that project might be, they could easily upload a picture and voice-over, edit it as they wish, and present it to the class.

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