Pink Frog!! – Just wait till you see it

Well, well, well, now this is the one I have been waiting to talk about. So last week was a hard one for me, so I began this week’s project a little earlier than I normally would’ve. I was making it with no intention of posting it. But it went so well that I had to share it and talk about it.

So to start off I had seen a video of a YouTube creator by the name of The Mary Jay, making a beginner’s crochet FROG. Yes, I said frog. And when I tell you I wanted to try it so bad, I did!


One thing with this project is that it involved something new – the magic circle. I had to watch that part of the video very carefully to understand it fully. She was great at explaining it, and it went into a single stitch.

My frog end product looks different than hers because I wanted to take my own twist. I decided to add legs the same way I added the eyes. And I also added a belly piece using the magic circle method as well, and attached it, same with the white behind my frog’s eyes that I added. I am absolutely obsessed with how my frog turned out, and I love it! It is a bit wonky but I think it adds character! I love crocheting and am so happy that I am learning all this stuff! This is the final product of my frog:

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