This bird is reluctant to Tweet

So, Twitter… I have mixed opinions on Twitter. Before this class, I had never used or intended to use it. I had heard that people either love it or hate it. I do think it is a great resource that can be used to find unique threads of whatever you are interested in. It is pretty easy to find other professionals and just genuine people posting tips and tricks on Twitter for whatever you may be looking for. However, there is usually a sea of spam posts, fake news and sometimes even suggestive content that you want to avoid.

When I first joined, I was a bit confused about how to get started, so I just began following my fellow classmates. First, I went to the explore page and went through some education-themed hashtags. Seeing all of this was, I will admit, very cool. I liked that experienced educators and future teachers shared this common space to chat and share resources. I then started following some teacher-related content pages to get more in the loop of the education Twitter threads.

Now, I am finding it hard to be on Twitter every day. I will admit my Twitter looks a bit dry, but it’s because I feel like I am constantly re-quoting/re-tweeting the same kind of material repeatedly. Maybe I need to follow more accounts and different types of accounts with other content. And so because of this, I am struggling to Tweet every day. I have been improving over the past couple of weeks, but it is nowhere near where I want it to be. I want to be at a place where I can Tweet every day and love sharing things I find, but I am just not there yet.

Looking at Twitter overall as of this point, I would say it has been a good experience. As I said above, I have been struggling to Tweet daily, but I hope to improve by the end of the semester and set some goals for myself. I think my opinion on Twitter has changed slightly; as I titled this blog, “This bird is reluctant to Tweet,” I feel somewhat more positive towards Twitter even now. It is an ideal space for specific content, especially for teachers to share and get tips from other educators. Twitter brings the teaching community together. I hope to continue using Twitter even when this class is over.

One thought on “This bird is reluctant to Tweet”

  1. Hey Torri! Twitter can definitely feel like that… I have been on Twitter almost since it came out a decade ago and it has taken a long time for me to build my feed into what I like to see. Even with the large amount of people that I’m following, I often find myself seeing the same people and their posts. I could imagine that with only following a few people, your feed would be quite repetitive…

    I hope your experience improves as it is an app that I truly love… probably my favorite social media platform, but indeed it takes time to build a good timeline.

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