The Learning of Others

With the end of the semester here, now it is time for me to go through how I contributed to others in this course. We learned so much this semester about technology in multiple ways. Here is a few ways I contributed to others throughout the semester:


Here are a few examples of my contributions to the learning of others on Twitter. I really tried to provide support to my fellow classmates through encouragment on whatever they shared on that platform. And one of my favourite tweets from the semester is from Taylor McKinnon, when she asked for suggestions for winter art ideas. I found such cute things on Pinterest, and I couldn’t wait to contribute and help her form some ideas! Twitter was definitely the way I mainly contributed to others learning this semester. Overall, I really tried to be a supportive and encouraging person in my digital identity this semester toward my classmates.

Blog comments:

I will acknowledge that my commenting on blogs was been way better toward the beginning of the semester. I struggled to comment on people’s blogs as we approached the end of October and so forth. I wish I could have been more helpful to people. My comments were centred around being positive and providing them with a boost of confidence. Everyone deserves to have some confidence when learning new things!

Forms of communication:

I did not use discord, I really wanted to, but every time someone asked a question, it was always answered immediately. It was hard for me to get into because I was using Snapchat to communicate with some people. Snapchat was a big piece of communication for me during this class. I have a few classmates on there where we would ask each other questions and help one another if needed. These students are Kelsey Deptuck and Sydney Winterholt.

Overall I am happy with how I could help people on Snapchat and Twitter this semester, but I wish I could have been better about the blogs and discord.

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