Month: May 2022

# Debate 1 & 2

# Debate 1 (Technology in the classroom enhances learning) Technology has done wonders in our lives. It has provided us with so many fascinating things and opportunities that one would never have thought about. It has made our lives so easy and comfortable and has become part of our life. As much as we want,…

By Sushmeet Kaur May 21, 2022 11

Technology In My Daily Life

The use of technology has always been a part of my life. It begins with my morning alarm set on my phone and continues throughout the day. Technology is rapidly evolving, with our world becoming more seamlessly connected every passing day. We can never think of a day without being dependent on Technology as we…

By Sushmeet Kaur May 15, 2022 6

A Little Bit About Myself

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Blogs. My name is Sushmeet Kaur. I was born and brought up in Delhi, India. I am a teacher by profession and have been teaching students from past 4 years. Teaching has always been my passion and being around kids is one of the many things I like.I have a…

By Sushmeet Kaur May 12, 2022 0