Course Module 2: Shapes and Spaces

March 31, 2023 2 By Sushmeet Kaur

The second-course module for the lesson Shapes and Spaces would be 2-Dimentional shapes. For this module, I have added a Kahoot Quiz Activity at the beginning to check prior knowledge. The quiz includes questions from the 1st module and somewhat gives an idea about what we will be moving to. I never used Kahoot before, so it was interesting to make a quiz on that. The background and song look really cool and would grab students’ attention. The class duration would be 40 minutes, which excludes the settlement time. The presentation of the concept would be more like an interactive presentation in which I would ask related questions, even when we are going through the presentation instead of just me explaining the concept. The students who are taking the session from home would be joined through google meet and can participate in the class by either writing their answers in the chat box or raising their hands to unmute. For the group activity, students present in the class would be divided into groups and the ones online would all work as a group. And finally a self-assessment at the end to wind up the session.

You can see my Module 2 overview here.