Technology In My Daily Life

May 15, 2022 7 By Sushmeet Kaur

The use of technology has always been a part of my life. It begins with my morning alarm set on my phone and continues throughout the day. Technology is rapidly evolving, with our world becoming more seamlessly connected every passing day. We can never think of a day without being dependent on Technology as we are all surrounded by it. Like many other individuals, my life is also vulnerable to it in many ways.

Social Platforms and Entertainment

Social media and technology have evolved tremendously over the past. There was a time when phones were used to make and receive calls. Now we have all the world in our hands, just with a smartphone. Social media is the one thing that’s widely used by me in my daily routine, keeping up with family and friends via WhatsApp and Skype calls that make me feel close to them, watching videos on YouTube to get away with the boredom, and following fashion and lifestyle trends on Instagram and Pinterest. I also sometimes use Twitter and Facebook to get updated with world news. Social media is something I spend most of my time on when I am not working.

I love shopping online and the websites like Amazon, eBay, and Shein help me to get all the things at my doorsteps. It is such a time saver for me. CamScanner is an all-time favorite app for me to keep all my important documents handy. I use Notepad on my phone to write all the important details. The banking experience has also become so easy, thanks to online and net banking. Transferring money to my family and paying off my phone and electricity bills online is so convenient.

The entertainment industry has also seen a paradigm shift due to technology. From Virtual Reality to the Gaming experience, everything has evolved. I loved playing on my cousin’s PS5 back there in India, whenever I got the chance to. I love listening to soft music. There was a time we bought CDs and cassettes to listen to music. Now I can easily stream music with the help of technological progression. While getting ready in the morning, or traveling to work, I listen to old Hindi songs. Binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime is one of my favorite things to do to get me away from boredom.

Health & Fitness

Being dependent on Technology has brought up a lot of health issues as well, but then the solutions are also given. I use my smartwatch daily to keep in check my daily steps, heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen level. I see the daily weather forecast before stepping out of my house, which is much needed in Canada as weather can ditch you anytime. Not just this the watch updates me on my menstrual cycle as well. All in just a band on my wrist, along with telling time of course. I do sometimes use an application on my phone, HealthifyMe to keep a count on my calorie intake.

Teaching and Learning

There was a widely held notion that Technology will revolutionize the field of education and we have all experienced that at the time of the pandemic. I always wanted to be an educator and being around kids makes me feel comfortable and lively. However, the pandemic has demonstrated why online education should be a vital part of teaching-learning. The school was all shut and the only way to carry on was an online platform. Initially, it was a struggle for me, but eventually, I got along with it. The major problem I faced was how to bring my Blackboard online? Being a teacher of a practical subject like Maths, I couldn’t put everything in just one presentation and present it. I tried on various platforms till I got my hands on my Tablet, which made it quite easy for me to write with a pen and felt just like a blackboard.

I use Google Meet to get connected to my students for taking an online class. To keep them engaged, I use Google Jam board to take down all their ideas in one place. A learning platform like Kahoot is a good resource to make game-based fun quizzes. I use PowerPoint presentations to make my classroom interactive and interesting by including short videos and GIFs in it. I use various other extensions like Dualless, screen recorder, Google Forms etcetera that helps make the online teaching-learning process better.

My online class

There’s no doubt that technology has changed our world forever. In good ways by providing a more civilized, free, and connected world where everything is just a click away and thus making our life comfortable and easier. The other side is, that we have become so dependent on it. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are taking over the world, resulting in fewer job opportunities. The question remains still. We do want technology in our lives, But to what extent? Where to stop? This is still unanswered and debatable.