Module 1: Review

March 30, 2023 0 By Sushmeet Kaur

As educators, we often make different modules for our courses and deliver our lessons based on that in our classrooms. Every classroom, group of students, teaching strategies, and teaching methodology is different and one shoe can not fit all in any teaching-learning scenario I recently created my first module and received valuable feedback from my classmates. I appreciate the reviews they gave most of which were positive and made some suggestions based on their own classroom situations. However, I believed I pre-assumed some things that might have been mentioned in order for the reviewers to understand the modules better.

Course Shell

Based on reviews I received, both reviewers found my course shell easy to navigate. I used Google Classroom as my LMS, which is easy to use and understand. According to reviewers, the course shell was well inclined. There were some suggestions given, including numbering the content so students would know which activity to go with first. I think that is a very underrated thing that teachers do and is very important for kids at the primary level. And considering that, I have planned to provide serial numbers for my activities and materials. Although the plan to execute those activities was to post them one by one, so kids who are performing the activities and practice questions with me would complete one task, and then after the next one would be made public.

Something I realized myself after discussing during the sessions and going through some other people’s course shells is I should work on adding more organization and I have decided to make a separate topic for all the important links in my classroom space. I feel I missed these important things as I have made this plan for a hypothetical classroom setting and not for the one I am actually teaching.

Course Module

I am extremely happy that both my reviewers liked my idea of adding an animated presentation for the purpose of explaining my concept and dropping the PPT in the classroom for kids to revise later. To answer a question raised about the assignment’s marking, for the practice quizzes, it would be done automatically, as I have already added the correct answers in the quiz so as soon as a kid finishes his/her quiz, they can see the marks along with the correct answers. The following image shows how students will see their grades.

Some open-ended questions would also be asked to evaluate their understanding. For the open-ended quiz, I will review them, and that would be graded and returned to them later. Another concern was about the pictures uploaded in the classroom. For that, I have already created a google slide and each student would receive their individual slide in which they have to upload their images of the project and later submit it. In that way, I will have the project work of every student, compiled in one place. They can even be graded there only, for that I will use the edit slide option to highlight any errors they have made. The course module would be 40 minutes, as that’s what I have taught. It will include the instructional presentation time, followed by quizzes and classroom activities.

I appreciate the feedbacks I received on my course prototype and modules. It has made me think of the small parts in particular that would make my lesson more accessible and easy to understand. As I stated in my course prototype, this lesson is done at a later time during the session and so students by this time have adapted to the classroom settings and following all the instructions for a particular session. And so I believe, some instructions which were not added in the video are because they have been doing these tasks again and again (like attempting a quiz, or joining a synchronous session). Even then, I have made a couple of changes in my course module by considering the suggestions made.