Course Module 1 : Shape and Space

February 18, 2023 2 By Sushmeet Kaur

Hello everyone!

For the structure of my module, I used Google classroom, which I have used earlier and am more comfortable with. Also, since students have used this platform earlier, they are more comfortable with using it. So my first Module for Grade 3 Mathematics is shape and space 3.4 which covers the basics of “3-D shapes”. You can see my course portfolio here, which describes the basic idea behind the blended model. Here’s an overview of my 1st module. Since I am taking Grade 3 and this unit comes at the time of the year when students already have the basic knowledge about how the synchronous and asynchronous sessions would be carried out, I have not included the class settlement time.

The whole module 1 is designed for a 40-minute class which will include mostly understanding the concept and relating it more to real life.